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South Asia Centre Research Majlis (Gathering): Works-In-Progress, 1 December 2021

The South Asia Centre is holding an online research gathering on Wednesday 1 December from 4:30-6:30pm GMT to discuss works-in-progress, while highlighting the breadth of research undertaken by centre members and building inter-disciplinary conversations and connections. The event will feature a set of informal short research presentations by both PGR students and staff, with Q&A/discussion after each presentation.

Presenters and topics:

Nicola Thomas and Rishika Mukhopadhyay (Geography) on how we might decolonise the 1903 Delhi Durbar Art Exhibition.

Ishudhi Rawat (German) on The Indian Legion in Germany (1941-45).

Amina Yaqin (English) on Women’s Narratives and the Politics of Culture in Pakistan.

Fatima Zehra Naveed (English) on the Urdu short story collection Angaarey.

Jerri Daboo (Drama) on Migration, mobility, and marriage: cultural heritage in/from India.

Neha Shaji (English) on The Glory (hole) Days of Bombay: Masculinities, Excrementalities, Queer Futures.

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