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How to Present South Asia (to Those Who Know it and Those Who Want to)

PGR Workshop, Exeter South Asia Centre, 20 January 2022 1500-1615 pm (UK), on Zoom

Organisers: Prof. Nandini Chatterjee, Prof. Sajjad Rizvi

South Asia is often seen as a bewildering place by those who are new to the region. Not only does the region boast a super abundance of languages, ecologies, religions, cuisines and arts, but also an excess of seemingly endless entanglements and conflicts. It is a learned skill to present specialist knowledge on this region to a non-specialist audience in a comprehensible and interesting way. It is also a skill that postgraduate researchers and early career scholars must acquire in order to present their research to a wider audience, interview for jobs and convince publishers to commission their books. In this session, two professors of South Asian studies with complementary expertise, will facilitate dialogue between PGR students and ECR scholars working on South Asia, and offer insights based on their own experiences.

All are welcome to attend – pre-registration mandatory. Email


1500-1510: Opening comments by Nandini Chatterjee, demonstration of Padlet

1510-1525: Presentation of conference paper by Shibani Das + discussion

Title of paper: ‘Reggie, The Raj and Regional Telegraphy’.

1525-1540: Presentation of conference paper by Shreya Gupta + discussion

Title of paper: Decolonising Collections: Investigating knowledge formation networks in colonial India with specific reference to numismatics

1540-1555: Presentation of conference paper by Prashant + discussion

Title of paper: ‘Legal Categories, Approaches and Responses to Kidnapping and Forced Marriages in Early Modern Marathi Documents’

1555-1615- Open discussion and summing up by Sajjad Rizvi

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